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IBM ICE (Innovation Centre for Education)

About IBM ICE (Innovation Centre for Education) program

IBM Innovation Center for Education is an imperative project by IBM Systems, with the primary goal to prepare future leaders to create a smarter world. The program intends to imbibe the required skills by integrating industry-aligned courses directly into the institute/university courses and providing relevant IT skills.

The objective is to bridge the gap between the actual industry experience and the traditional curriculum by introducing an array of cutting-edge technology courses. These will foster relevant interactions between industry professionals and students thereby equipping them with the necessary skills to tackle the challenges of the future.

Key features:

Objective of Association with IBM-ICE

With industry-aligned courses delivered face-to-face by IBM ICE Faculty members along with a futuristic online delivery platform, LMS, the students will be certainly equipped with all the required skills for the companies to easily hire them to deploy as they will need little to no training in the latest technology. TransStadia Institute has exclusively partnered with IBM for its Innovation Center for Education program in Mumbai with the following objectives:

High-demand technologies in the job market

As per the data available on LinkedIn and Economic Times, the following technologies are believed to offer great job opportunities:

Courses/Technology offered by IBM-ICE

IBM ICE offers the following cutting-edge industry-aligned courses:

Courses offered by TransStadia Institute with IBM-ICE

Domains and Applications of Technologies

The domain uses and applications of Technologies are as follows

Data Science
Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Security and financial monitoring – check for fraudulent behaviour
Credit Scoring – credit history and payment probability
Predicting ATM failures, Portfolio management etc.
E-Commerce Predicting Customer behaviour, managing stocks and predicting products in demand
Aviation Predict probability of plane being delayed, predict aircraft engine part replacements
Transportation & Logistics Optimize routing and freight movement, optimize transit schedules
Elevator failures – predictive maintenance
AIML Domains
Banking, Financial Services & Insurance All transactions involve cyber security
E-Commerce All access and financial transactions involve cyber security
Information Technology Preparing Company against upcoming cyber security
Wearables Heart rate monitors, Glucose level monitors
Home Applications Home automation systems including automatic lights, automatic AC
Health Care Pro-active wellness-based systems for improved health care
Smart Cities Traffic Management, Water Management, Waste Control, Emergencies

Predicted growth rate of technologies

The predicted annual growth rates of the technologies are as follows:

Technology Last Decade Growth Predicted Annual Growth Rate
Data Science $10 Billion -> $203 Billion 12%
AIML $55 Billion -> $137 Billion 12%
Internet of Things $2 Billion -> $660 Billion 22%
Mobile Computing $20 Billion -> $150 Billion 14%

About Data Science

Past growth, Annual growth, salary packages, Opportunities, and Job roles

Following are some statistics to throw some light on these aspects:

Last decade growth $10 Billion to $203 Billion
Predicted annual growth rate 12%
Highest salary package 8 lakhs per annum
Average starting salary 3 lakhs per annum
Opportunities available – April 2019 1200 jobs across India
Job roles/titles Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Architect

The advantage that candidates will get over their competitors

Years ago, industries were accustomed to training freshers after hiring them. In today’s fast-paced world, companies prefer industry-ready candidates. Candidates, after successfully completing the course will have the following advantages over their competitors in the job market:

Need for learning and upgrading yourself to the latest technology

Since the changes taking place in the field of technology are so fast-paced, it is almost impossible to keep up with the level of the changes in terms of upgrading the Institute courses. By the time a candidate is out for the real market, the technology has already changed and the learnings seem to be outdated.

Hence, in order to make their learnings and updates in technology go hand-in-hand, it is indispensable to acquire knowledge on top of their regular curriculum. IBM-ICE program leads you to this.

Need for a certification

As mentioned above, companies want to hire people who can start working from day 1, with minimal or no technical training required. To stand out in the crowd, you need to have sufficient skills, but apart from that, you also need to showcase your skills in such a way that HR recognizes them. Having a value-added certificate on top of your graduation certificate will do the work standing you out of that crowd.

When you have proof in the form of a certificate from a reputed organisation, it is easier for the hiring people to trust and recognize your skills.

Get certified by a reputed organisation

With the ever-growing education realm, numerous organisations and institutions offer certifications in various niche technology. Most of these training agencies initiated with little or no infrastructure and have not been able to give the necessary industrial exposure to the students. This ended up creating loopholes for the companies going forward.

Hence, it became crucial to evaluate the authenticity of those certificates that almost every other candidate shows up with, on the interview. It is a challenge for the hiring authorities to really differentiate between the candidates and choose the right one. Here comes in handy, the information about the organisation which has issued the certificate. Needless to say, the more the organisation is reputed, the better the trust it will impose on the hiring committee.

In case the candidate is getting certified by IBM ICE, the initiative from one of the respected brands and world leaders in technology, it will be easier for them to establish their credentials before the company they wish to join. IBM is one of the industry leaders in Technology, any company looking to hire a candidate will not have a second thought to hire as quality, industry exposure etc are all guaranteed.

Benefits of the IBM ICE Program

The following are the benefits of this program:

Advantages to the students

Have a look at the following to learn about the advantages that the students will have from the IBM-ICE course:

About the IBM-ICE Digital Badge

Pre-requisites to earn a digital badge from IBM

The following steps are required for a student fulfil in order to earn a digital badge from IBM:

About LMS, an e-learning platform

Value-additions along with this certification

The value-additions that Candidates and Students get along with this certification are:

Duration of the program

The integrated program offered along with TransStadia Institute curriculum will have a duration of 4 years, in which a subject will be integrated into the curriculum in each semester (i.e., from S1 to S8). So, a student will learn 8 subjects about the program across 4 years and will do the final project in the course.