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Message from Leadership

We at TransStadia University

It has been an interesting journey of building the TransStadia University. At TransStadia University, we strive for a unique holistic educational model to become the nucleus for education and sports, and to act as a catalyst to produce students and sports persons alike who are change makers in society. Having spent more than 35 years of my life in various roles of sport, with TU we want to offer to the world a noteworthy experience. I was amongst the few fortunate athletes who played sport and had an opportunity to educate myself and transition smoothly into a second and third career, hence valuing how it shaped my life. I am extremely honoured to lead from the front a futuristic university that promotes a blended model of education. It is focused on students and athletes, committed to intellectual excellence and social responsibility, small enough to be personal and welcoming, yet large enough to provide access and opportunity.

This model will cohesively emulate the best practices from the past yet ensure a futuristic approach to academia. Through this venture we will celebrate all kinds of students we educate, bring together traditional and modern sciences, and develop young adults who will enter society with a new zest to contribute. Each of us on this team will have a responsible role to play.


President, Olympian, Arjuna Awardee and President of the Athletic Federation of India