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Vision, Mission and Core Values

Vision, mission, and core values are important elements that guide an organization in achieving its goals and objectives.


Our vision is to create a University of eminence while providing the best Education & research opportunitieswith a world-class campus life and great facilities to inculcate immersive and experiential learning withcommitted faculty.


Our mission is to touch the lives of 12000 aspiring students in the next 5 years through providing high quality education with balanced pedagogy that will lead of Excellence, Economics, Employment and Entrepreneurship while becoming a premier Top 5 global institute.

Our Objectives

Our Philosophy is to provide

We are committed to providing training excellence by fostering individual growth and enhancing employability for our students with Passion + Personality + Proficiency.

The Industry designed program provides a practical approach to sports and entertainment sector education with Relevant Curriculum and Research. The students will have the necessary tools, knowledge and experience required to create fulfilling careers.

They will also have a strong network of industry relationships both nationally and globally along with financial opportunities that lead to security and well-being.

At TSU and TSI, by following our ideology of ‘Do what we teach’ & ‘Teach what we do’ – an experiential approach to learning based on real-live assignments – we believe we can bring out the best talent in every student with our 4 E approach.

Our Values

TransStadia Institute

The teaching and training at TSI – will prepare an individual not only for business but also for practical life leading to Employment & Entrepreneurship. The students shall experience project- based learning devised to enhance skills and knowledge that they need and to showcase their talents effectively and convert them into future business / career opportunities.

The philosophy of TSI is to integrate experience and learning in a collaborative way such that overall value creation for all stakeholders is certain. This combination of research and case study based learning will create a strong base of our students to blossom. This becomes permanent and meaningful as students need to be prepared for practical challenges in the real world and be in a position to change and improve the existing systems to make this industry a true contributor of our India’s soft power.