If you hear a voice within
you say 'you cannot paint,'
then by all means paint,
and that voice will be
~ Vincent Van Gogh

To answer the growing need for well trained and industry ready professionals in the ever burgeoning sector of Media, Entertainment and Communication, TERF has created a unique program of study.

We blend curriculum, practices, lectures, case studies, projects and map the same with faculty from top business schools, communication schools, film schools, as well as our own School of Media + Entertainment + Communication, to create a program that combines hands-on film, OTT and TV production with general management foundations, specialized finance and core marketing training in addition to equal emphasis on creator economy and creative arts.
Most importantly, end-to-end understanding of the current digital marketing framework, in-demand tools, and select best contemporary industry practices are incorporated.
Additionally, by virtue of pulling in industry practitioners and through the industry sponsored exercises and other CAPSTONE projects, TERF’s students have the unique opportunity to work on real/live/industry sponsored commercial projects as part of their course.
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