You are never too old
to set another goal or to
dream a new dream
~ C.S.Lewis

TransStadia Institute intends to offer an undergraduate programme in Business Administration, adhering to its core values of economics, employability and entrepreneurship.

Students trained at TransStadia Institute, being part of a thriving ecosystem, shall have exposure not only to the main foundation blocks of management education, but also to multidisciplinary learnings brought about by Sports, Yoga, Ayurveda, Hospitality, Tourism, Media Studies, Artificial Intelligence, to name a few.
The programme shall help build the necessary skills required to not only generate their own entrepreneurial venture but also equip them to work in large corporates if they so desire. Students will develop the unique, yet highly sought after skills of being resilient, venture builders who are able to ethically assess and responsibly handle opportunities in the world around them.
Consider this programme a step upwards on the ladder to achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams. With a focus on quantitative methods and entrepreneurial training, this programme provides you with a unique skillset geared towards higher education as well as entrepreneurial ventures. In addition, students shall be encouraged to explore the ecosystem at TransStadia Institute that consists of several different Schools and an Entrepreneurial Centre.

Finance for Women

Essential Tools for Financial Success
In modern times, where women are emerging as leaders in various fields, they often struggle with financial literacy. The gender gap in financial literacy is the harsh reality women encounter at urban workplaces and in the entrepreneurial environment.

Business law for

Key Legal Aspects for Start-Ups
During this program, you will get an opportunity to develop an introductory understanding of the various laws and regulations binding the start-up ecosystem in India.


Data management and analysis are emerging as an essential practice for everyone, be it at home or the workplace. Tools like Microsoft Excel are increasingly becoming a life skill.

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