TERF Executive Education provides a one-of-a-kind holistic executive development program (EDP) that empowers employees and companies to gain a competitive advantage in business.
TERF EDP creates a catalyst for change with its leadership and executive development and growth approach. As a leader and an innovator, it is pertinent for you to discover your strengths, face your weaknesses and create opportunities for growth and remarkable results for you and your business.
The program has been developed keeping in mind specific requirements of management professionals and entrepreneurs in India who are driving greater responsibilities for strategic growth in their organizations. A majority of the potential participants expressed a desire to enhance their knowledge in the areas of Finance, Economics, Marketing and Strategy to be able to take up greater managerial responsibilities in their current organizations or to be able to run their own companies.

The program is


To provide participants with in-depth knowledge of key issues in fundamental and strategic analysis of the business to facilitate informed and effective decision making in various business scenarios.


To impart the participants with the ability to apply quantitative and qualitative reasoning and problem-solving models and justifications to overall business situations.

ability to design

To offer the participants with the ability to design, generate and market new products/services, and commercialize existing products/services effectively.


To help the participants to learn the right use of technology in research to add value to presentations including professional reports.

core business

To guide the participants to apply core business principles in business decision-making and business analysis.

Key Topics

The program will cover the following primary topics

Understanding Financial Statements
Corporate Finance, Equities, and Derivatives
Economics for Business Decision-making
Costing for Strategic Decision-making
Marketing and Pricing Stragies
Fundamentals of Business Strategy and Innovation
Data Analytics for Decision Making
Driving team work with result orientation
24 weeks

7 weeks online

1 week on-ground

The program will be offered over duration of 100 sessions with each session being 75 minutes in length.
In the current scenario, all sessions will be online and a maximum of 4 sessions will be scheduled per week. Also, participants will have the opportunity to spend the last week on the TERF, Ahmedabad campus. This will give them the chance to engage with their peers and faculty in the lush and comfortable environs of our campus. The overall duration of the program will be 6 months.
Some of the faculty includes eminently capable teachers with outstanding international education background, experience and orientation.
The program will be delivered by a combination of former IIMA and foreign faculty. A majority of our faculty are alumni of reputed US universities, IIM and IIT. They make a point of connecting with the participants to strengthen the bond of their student-professor relationship and create a fulfilling academic experience for them.
TERF has the most talented and devoted thought leaders from the best institutions around the world, and they are academically and professionally amongst the best.

A majority of the sessions in this program will employ real-life cases to discuss key business issues with a holistic program that exposes aspirants towards balanced leadership, team work and driving results.

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