You are never too old
to set another goal or to
dream a new dream
~ C.S.Lewis

Brace yourself for success in the Sports Business with tailored education through an immersive learning experience! Progress in your professional career and achieve your personal academic goals with the Sport Studies School at TransStadia Institute.

The Sports Studies Programs at TransStadia Institute are designed to provide relevant and context-specific learning focusing on sports business, including strategy, governance, management, and marketing and more. These customized programs will empower you with skills and practical decision-making tools to give you holistic upsurge for success and growth in your preferred area of sport.
TransStadia Institute offers its School of Sports Studies Programs in collaboration with Mumbai University at its enthralling campus in the heart of Mumbai City.
Famously known as the City of Dreams, Mumbai has a unique sports and hospitality culture that enlivens the multicultural aspects of India.
Who should apply for the Sport Studies Programs?
  • Ideal for aspiring sports professionals and middle & senior executives and managers, the Sport Studies program will further develop your career in the corporate business of sport, recreation, and leisure.
  • Managers of organizations associated with the world of sport (clubs, federations, companies which other sports products and/or services).
  • Professionals working in the business and/or sports field, who aspire to take a qualitative leap in their careers by acquiring specialized knowledge.
  • Professionals in general that are interested in this subject.

Bachelor of Management Studies in Sports Management

Nurturing Global Leaders!