As an responsible institution we follow all government guideline as provided by the State of Gujarat, India as well as what is prescribed by the Govt. of India – on
We understand that the pandemic has not just been an inconvenience, but rather it has altered the way we live and learn. Our operations therefore are in a phased recovery where we have will adjust our working in line with the public health situation.
Important Guidance:
1. Vaccines
The Government Authorities are working on administering the vaccines at a fast pace and while we have taken the vaccine or not as individuals, its important to exercise all Covid19 protocols such as Masking Up, Sanitizing, and Social Distancing.
2. Classes
Mostly classes for now will be online till further notice; however some classes may require you to be here in person. We have set up a clear teaching resource center for you to study remotely.
3. Covid19 Testing
For now we are organizing weekly testing for each and every stakeholder that is on campus.
4. Health Status
Every individual is required to report their daily health status to their reporting superior or their mentor. Please follow all Covid19 Care advice given by the government.
5. Use of Aarogya Setu App
We encourage everyone to keep track to the situation and use this app regularly. It will be needed to be on the campus.
6. Maintain Physical Distance
At all time in the class and outside, everyone is prohibited on any gatherings. 6 ft. of individual distancing is required when interacting.
7. Nonessential Visitors
All visitors on campus need to take prior appointment. No visitor will be allow if non-essential. People who are vaccinated (both vaccines may come to the campus); others need to provide a Covid19 Negative Test report (it will be checked with the testing agency as there are many fake reports as well)
8. Athletes & Sports Programs
All the athletes will be allowed to come and practice with special Covid19 protocols as set by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports.
9. Covid19 Dashboard - Click Here
For more knowledge – please contact our COVID19 resource center located at B1 (click here for map) in the Eka Arena, Ahmedabad Campus.
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