For the things we have
to learn before we can
do them, we learn by
doing them
~ Aristotle

Abiding to our commitment of employability, we aim to establish and initiate an Entrepreneurship Centre at Mumbai University operating under the aegis of TransStadia.

This Centre shall play a significant role in supporting the future of students at the University. They shall get an opportunity to work with other departments to underscore the curricular and extracurricular, personal, and professional goals. Experiential learning – learning by doing – shall be the pivoting force, with access to local networks and leaders.
Entrepreneurship and innovation shall be the focus of this Centre. Students will be encouraged to work on their ventures under the tutelage of the faculty as well as Entrepreneurship coordinators at the Centre.
Seed funding shall be explored to help students gain traction and be able to build prototypes and approach industry with their innovations. We aim to provide a network of academic and industrial connect to nurture entrepreneurship in the students and help them in reaching their entrepreneurial goals.
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