“Everything comes to
us that belongs to us
if we create the capacity
to receive it”


Prof. Sadiya Samdani
Prof. Sadiya Samdani

Program Director
School of Media, Entertainment and Communication

Saikat Maity
Prof. Saikat Maity

Program Director
School of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies

Deepak Kumar New
Prof. Deepak Kumar

Program Director
School of Hospitality & Tourism

Sharvari Dalal New
Prof. Sharvari Dalal

Program Director
School of Management

Juthika New
Prof. Juthika Mehta

Program Director
School of Sports Studies

The learned community of academicians and knowledge experts at TransStadia Institute offer students a unique blend of education that moves beyond the walls of classrooms to a stimulating and engaging learning environment.

The faculty at TransStadia Institute encourages students to realize their potential and strive to excel in their field to achieve their growth and success milestones.
They inculcate an interactive environment where students have easy access to their knowledge, expertise and mentorship.
The faculty expertly balances a commitment to leading-edge research and delivers apt education with a dedication to advancing their students.