Blockchain Technology is witnessing significant growth in the field and is steadily transforming as a potential field of opportunities for young talent.

Blockchain technology enables secure recording of transactions that deal with sensitive data that hackers often target for fraudulent activities. This technology is widely used for securing Bitcoin and cryptocurrency transactions.

TransStadia Institute, in collaboration with India Blockchain Alliance, is offering multiple courses in Blockchain Technology, preparing you for a successful career in an emerging field of technology.
Blockchain Technology – A Sneak Peek
Blockchain is a permanent, sequential list of transaction records distributed over a network. Each block in the chain contains a hash of the previous block and a timestamp and transaction data. This mechanism makes blockchain inherently resistant to attack or manipulation.

Although cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have popularized blockchain, this technology is also being implemented in business in finance, smart contracts, banking, trading, and much more. Blockchain is a futuristic technology that will revolutionize many fields.
India Blockchain Alliance
India Blockchain Alliance was established to assist with business development, networking, and cooperation with a mutual interest in defending the interests of the alliance members. It also seeks to raise awareness about the importance of blockchain technology amongst technical professionals and curious novices. Hence, the alliance periodically organizes various events and training workshops. It also collaborates with designated government authorities for relevant legislation.

India Blockchain Alliance strives to create a platform that will transform India into a global blockchain destination. Its members will work in unison towards promoting individual and collective business development of blockchain companies.

The association of TransStadia Institute with India Blockchain Alliance will bring together experts from the field of academics, information technology, blockchain, policymakers, venture capitalists, and visionaries.

Do you envision yourself creating a blockchain or trading in cryptocurrency like a pro? Then enroll for the Blockchain Technology courses offered in association with Indian Blockchain Alliance and experience the technology revolution!


TransStadia Institute, in association with India Blockchain Alliance, brings a wide range of primary and specialized courses that will prepare you for a successful career in this technology.

This variety of courses will teach you the basics of blockchain technology and its application across various fields and technologies. You can also opt for niche specializations that will allow you to learn specific skills and tools required for performing well in this field.

Some of the courses on offer are

  1. Introduction to Blockchain-20 hours
  2. Cryptocurrency Trader Certification-36 hours
  3. Blockchain Developers Certificate Program – Ethereum-90 hours
  4. Ethereum Developer Certificate Program-36 hours
  5. Hyperledger Developer Certificate Program-36 hours
  6. Blockchain Technologies & Applications-90 hours
  1. Corda Developer Certificate Program-36 hours
  2. Quorum Developer Certificate Program-36 hours
  3. Blockchain & HR Certificate Program-36 hours
  4. Blockchain Developers Certificate Program – Hyperledger-90 hours
  5. Blockchain Certificate Program-90 hours
  6. Blockchain Certificate Program – 120 hours

Why choose TransStadia Institute Blockchain Courses
(The TransStadia Edge)

  • Learn from experts and skilled professionals
  • Interaction with various members and stakeholders of the field
  • Blended learning pedagogy that integrates theoretical knowledge with practice-based application
  • Project-work opportunities to experience real-time operations
  • Become a part of the Blockchain community
  • Opportunity to associate with the esteemed India Blockchain Alliance
  • Hybrid course modules
  • Networking opportunities with industry stalwarts
  • Assistance with internships and placements