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SCHOOL OF COMPUTER SCIENCE & artificial intelligence
Our School of Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence is to explore and build in the fast growing space of technology. Recognising the need of the hour, the programs will help our students learn and upskill spanning with great study materials and practical learning across a spectrum of fields that require us to gain business excellence and strategic advantages such as Machine Learning, Blockchain, Robotics in Industry, impact of society and more. The various classes in AI and CS have a vast application for ensuring a better and efficient future.
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& Tourism
SCHOOL OF Hospitality & Tourism
School of Hospitality & Tourism Management builds upon the legacy bestowed by the TransStadia Group and the geographical advantage of Ahmedabad. This makes it a unique destination for hospitality and tourism education in India.

At our unique campus we have three restaurants, 2 banquets, an arena and an outdoor stadium, plus we have our 14 rooms and more. We are constantly catering to families, events, shows, and corporates. This school has an unique opportunity to give internships on campus and great practical experience.
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TransStadia Institute offers programs that range from niche certificate courses to Undergraduate Programs in Business Administration; and to Executive Development Programs that cater to professionals and entrepreneur.

Across all these programs, our focus is to harness our students’ potential with our core values that shape you as a well rounded individual with fantastic tools that will be at your side as you grow.

Our subjects and course inculcate seeds of growth across Leadership, Problem Solving, Team Work, Building a Great Company, to Crisis Management, Finance and more.
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As TransStadia, we have set a benchmark with our exemplary contributions to the sports infrastructure industry in India.

We are now taking a step forward into the sport education ecosystem – The Sports Studies Programs at TransStadia Institute are designed to provide the relevant and context-specific education and tools our students will need for decision making and inspire your team members to strive for greatness in your chosen area of sport.

Sports as we know is a melting pot of a number of areas of expertise from Athlete Excellence to Broadcasting, from Engineering to Stadium Management, From Hospitality to Events – all of these are offered across our different programs while we provide on ground practical experience to our students and great internship opportunities.
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In sport, we say the athlete is crafted not only but what he/she has in them but how the coach moulds it. Similarly, our faculty are hand-picked by our leadership team to challenge our students and harness their potential. It’s not only about learning, but it’s also about unlearning in a proactive environment to mould our students towards a more fulfilling future.

Campus Life

Across our 1.4 million sq. ft. campus, our students experience the best-in-class and out-of-class environments, conducive to not only learning but also building long-lasting relationships. Our students have access to world-class classrooms, hospitality services, restaurants, lounges, and other sport and recreation areas.


Tigers represent fierce excellence in sport. Sport being at our core and driving our value system, we resonate with this fierceness. Our college teams compete on the biggest platforms in India across the sport. Our coaches, sports science and high-performance departments collaborate to drive excellence in competitions. At TransStadia Institute we play for fun, we play to compete, and we play to win.


Our students have access to inspiring faculty that will harness their full potential and challenge their thinking. Our academics incorporate immersive case studies with strong industry connect and real-life scenarios. We encourage collaborative and research-based learning to balance in- and out-of-class learning.


We believe in a cohesive and well-knit campus life to promote holistic education that includes in-class as well as out-of-class experiences. We provide a slew of activities that are created and run by our students such as clubs and student committees. Outside of class, they can access many extracurricular activities. We also have ‘earn and learn’ programs for students to have added exposure while pursuing their degrees.